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Introduction and Table of Contents

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

As a project manager, do you want to be irreplaceable or irrelevant? You decide! Read on to learn how to enhance your skills to become the project manager you want to be!

Introduction - The Successful Project Manager

How would you like it if you worked hard for six months as a project manager (P) and then your whole team of PMs got replaced? Or if your project were to be cancelled without any notice? Or if your project were to be put on hold for a year?

As PMs, we often get wrapped up in creating schedules and developing administrative details, rather than focusing on project execution. Although doing what we are told, the status reporting PM services can become extraneous. PMs need to be irreplaceable, not irrelevant. With so much to manage, how do you know where to focus your limited energy? How do you know in each phase of complex projects, what the game-changer techniques are that drive project success?

You want more successful projects and better techniques for course corrections. You want a guide to project management that avoids technical jargon while focusing on game-changer tools, rather than providing a long list of options that can be difficult to imagine how to apply. You want professional success, positive results, and the confidence to take on today's innovative and complex IT projects.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Initiating: Lay the Groundwork

Chapter 3: Planning: Break it Down

Chapter 4: Executing: Move it Along

Chapter 5: Controlling: What's Going On?

Chapter 6: Controlling: Do We Like It?

Chapter 7: Monitoring: Does It Work?

Chapter 8: Monitoring: Are We Done Here?

Chapter 9: Closing: Wrap It Up

Chapter 10: Conclusion

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