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The 3 Most Challenging Moments that Can Make or Break Any Project

According to a recent Forbes study, four out of ten tech leaders are failing due to lack of effort that industry puts into developing its leaders. I believe most technical project managers do not have the right skills, leaving them open to project failures and cancellations. I realized I want to teach others how to be better project managers, so I signed up to teach graduate school classes.  My students’ interest piqued when I told stories of my professional experiences. Now, I have used these techniques to ensure my project managers become irreplaceable, not irrelevant, on all of their project assignments.

The Project Manager Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Which of the many PM tools are the minimum needed to run a successful project? This presentation will identify the PM minimum viable product (MVP) and provide examples and templates for immediate use on successful projects. Hear the hard-won lessons of how these tools are used in real-world case studies to equip you for success as a project manager. Stop issuing endless status reports and engage your PMs to make a difference in mission impact by applying the PM MVP immediately to maximize your impact.

The 3 Most Critical Systems Engineering Tools to Manage Scope Creep

The PMI defines tools intended to minimize risks and help communicate progress throughout the project lifecycle. Turns out that some of them are helpful and some of them are not. How do  you know which tools to apply and when?  The 3 most critical tools are intended to help project managers best define project scope from different viewpoints. One tool helps the user understand the impact of the change. Another tool helps the team break down the scope into executable pieces. And the third tool helps stakeholders understand the progress towards achieving the project scope. 

Who’s in Charge:  Project Manager vs. Product Owner

Both the project manager and the product owner oversee teams that work hard to bring projects across the finish line together. But their paths to that finish line often don't follow the same trajectory. So, which role is more important to your organization? Trick question: they're both important.


These roles are two parts of a Venn diagram; they're unique roles united by the intersection where leadership methods overlap. In this session, Donna Gregorio will break down the Venn diagram and provide best practices and templates you can use in your work environment, all with an eye toward this fundamental truth: the project manager and product owner's methodologies may differ, but their goals are the same – a successful outcome.

Missed Opportunity to Contribute in a Hybrid Work Environment 

Onboarding remote team members when your time is limited can result in a disconnected employee. Hear new ideas to optimize interaction in an "out of sight out of mind" hybrid work setting.

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Ensuring you are irreplaceable, not irrelevant as a Remote Worker

Busy but incomplete - that's your feeling at the end of most days, given the distractions in your remote work environment. Hear about more aggressive techniques in hybrid work environments to ensure workers can be confident that they are irreplaceable.

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Risk Management and Project Monitoring/Controlling

Once the project is in execution, what role does the project manager play in ensuring it gets to the finish line? Hear about risk management, quality control, change control, and project delivery and success

Your North Star: 5 Do's and Don'ts for Roadmaps and Prioritization

Aligning to your north star helps you work with purpose and move in the right direction. An effective roadmap connects strategy to implementation, acting like a blueprint to your vision. Using a rubric to prioritize your project inventory accounts for business goals and allows leaders to analyze resource contention. These techniques provide answers and help you align to your north star.

Circling Back: The Remote Impact of Meeting Overload

Imagine a day filled with a dozen meetings with barely any time to get real work done. This recent phenomenon fueled by remote work has teams playing conference call bingo but no time to focus on deadlines. No longer able to drop in for a quick chat, remote workers put time on the calendar for every question. Join us to learn new techniques  discuss how project managers have learned new techniques for minimizing meetings and relying on alternative methods to free up calendar time fit for a hybrid workforce.

Building Teams with Diversity and Inclusion

Hear about a case study where a diverse team experienced inclusion issues around a particular team member and made positive changes to their team dynamic with positive results.

"As Seen In"

PMI Global Summit, Nov 2022, Las Vegas Nevada


Service Management World, Nov 2022, Orlando, Florida


Women in Tech, Oct, 2022, Boston, MA


Project Management / Business Analyst Word, Oct, 2022, Boston, MA


Project Management Institute (PMI) Virtual Conference, Oct 2021, Virtual

IEEE Systems Engineering Conference, April 2019, Vancouver, Canada

The MITRE Corporation

Northeastern University

Bentley University

Providence College

Florida International University

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